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Predictable Costs
If you have an IT Department, you know that IT spending on new or replacement equipment can be costly. With SmartDesk™, your infrastructure automatically upgrades and improves over time, while your cost remains the same. Never replace a server again.

Take It Anywhere
When you have traveling employees or multiple offices, it can be difficult to coordinate files & cooperate. With SmartDesk™, your network & company data are accessible to your designated users from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Safe and Secure
With physical networks, data is easily lost and difficult to backup. In SmartDesk™, all data is continuously backed up so you will never lose a file again. Since it's in the cloud, if your device is lost, stolen, or damaged, your data is safe.


24/7 Support

Receive fast and professional product support for your SmartDesk™ desktop at anytime from a US-based technician.

Monitoring & Management

Enterprise-class monitoring and alerting
ensure your SmartDesk™ network is free from issues.

*Internet speed automatically determined by the number of virtual desktops on a network. Actual speeds may vary.


Network Performance

SmartDesk™ turns your slow, local, internet connection into an information superhighway, with internet speeds up to 750mpbs*.

FREE Business Anti-virus

Protect all of your virtual infrastructure from threats with FREE antivirus protection.

Automatic Updates

SmartDesk™ continuously updates with the latest and greatest software. Never run on outdated software again.

Instantly Scalable

Instantly scale your network for the same, low, cost as your business needs grow.

*Internet speed automatically determined by the number of virtual desktops on a network. Actual speeds may vary.

How it works

1. Setup SmartDesk™
Download the SmartDesk™ client software on all of your devices.

2. Connect From Anywhere
Connect to your SmartDesk™ from anywhere around with an internet connection.

3. Accelerated Business
With a fast & efficient SmartDesk™ desktop, you get more done in less time.


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